Leonardo DiCaprio to Play America's First Serial Killer

You may be used to seeing him play the hero or the good guy, or the character we sympathize with most, but pretty soon you'll be seeing DiCaprio in a whole different light when he straps on his best serial killer face to play H.H. Holmes, one of the first documented American serial killers. Holmes notoriously murdered what some suggest could be as many as 200 people (though he only confessed to 27), many of which took place during the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, where Holmes opened a hotel which served as the site of many of the killings.

The film will be based on the non-fiction book Devil in the White City, and DiCaprio will help piece together the production through his Appian Way production house before negotiating a deal with a studio. No director has come aboard yet, though this is DiCaprio, so expect him to try to woo a big name like Martin Scorsese, who we're sure would love to play around in 1893 Chicago, the history buff that he is.
Do you think DiCaprio would make for a good serial killer, or are we so used to watching him star as the film's hero that it may be hard to truly dislike the guy? Sound off below!


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