‘Lego’ Movie Nabs ‘Meatballs’ Directors

Though it’s hard to imagine what Warner Bros. is going to do with a movie based on Legos, they’re going to attempt one, and they’ve begun the process by bringing on the directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, both of whom had tremendous success with adapting the children’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs last year.

Legos Movie

Not much is known about the plot right now since they’re keeping it quiet, but Heat Vision reports that it will be set in the Lego world and mix live action with animation. Additionally, expect the end result to arrive in 3D. The good news for fans of the Lego property is that in order to win the gig, Lord and Miller not only had to get Warner Bros. behind their idea, but also executives as Lego, who are notoriously protective over their brand.
Part of what convinced them was that Lord and Miller were able to take a 32-page book in Meatballs and turn it into a full-length feature that appealed to both kids and adults. Personally, it was one of my favorite animated films from 2009 (no idea how it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar), and I have no doubt that Lord and Miller have some fun ideas up their sleeve for this Lego movie.
What about you? Excited for a movie about Legos? Or do you think it will be impossible to make a movie based on toys that don’t talk and are primarily used to build larger structures?
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