Laugh It Up, America. We Round Up Ron Burgundy's Media Appearances Plus 'Anchorman 2' Tickets Now on Sale!

There's movie marketing and then there's Ron Burgundy. The past couple of weeks, you literally cannot watch television without seeing the mustached news legend stopping by various programs.

We've rounded up Mr. Burgundy's recent television appearances below, but first, we have breaking news! Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues tickets are now on sale! The Anchorman 2 SuperTicket is also available for purchase as well and you can get the details here.

Let's start with Mr. Burgundy's appearance on The Dan Patrick Show from December 5. Though his guest spot on Sportscenter was canceled, Burgundy stopped by Patrick's "man cave" earlier in the day to talk sports and reenact famous sports calls.

Then there's the now viral coanchoring gig on North Dakota's KXMB evening news.

But Burgundy couldn't be contained to just the United States. No, a man who's as big of a deal as he is transcends continents.

Burgundy stopped by Canada's TSN to help call a curling competition…

… and stopped by an Australian talk show as well. (Note, some crude language here.)

He was also honored by Emerson College as the powers that be renamed their School of Communications, the Ron Burgundy School of Communications (for a day).

Finally, Burgundy returned to Conan where he first announced the Anchorman 2 sequel to chat about his great hair, the most intelligent animals, those ubiquitous Dodge Durango commercials and how to survive a prison riot.

Oh and let's not forget that Ron Burgundy's Scotch is now on sale at select liquor establishments.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don't forget to snap up your Anchorman 2 tickets today!


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