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Ladies' Night In: Classic '90s Movies for Moms

Those of us with small children know that time away from momdom is a luxury and it can be hard to get out. So we have a suggestion: Host a retro moms’ night in! Flash back to a time when dinner offerings went beyond mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, when you tidied up the house and it was still clean four hours later and when you spent more at Sephora than Babies R Us. That's right, we're talking about the pre-parental 1990s! Here are some films for you and your chums that are all that and a bag of chips:


Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (1997). This film about two dim BFFs who are determined to impress their former classmates at their 10-year reunion is a girl’s movie night delight. Rent or purchase.


Waiting to Exhale (1995). True friends last through the decades, through thick and thin, through husbands, through setting one of those men’s cars on fire – whatever it takes. The best reason to watch this film on your ladies night is because these four characters – played by Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett and Lela Rochon –  may very well have created Ladies Night on film. Rent or purchase.


Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). Nothing fuels a night better than the call of girl power, and that’s just what Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) receives from her new elderly friend, Ninny (Jessica Tandy) in the form of inspiration. Ninny shares a story of two women living in the 1920s South who form a bond stronger than any other relationship and, together, refuse to be mistreated. Rent or purchase.


Pretty Woman (1990). Forget the millionaire businessman, Julia Roberts sweeps us off our feet with her charming performance that reminds us that we should never accept subpar treatment from men … or shop clerks. To not choose this fun girly movie would be, as Vivian would advise: “Big mistake! Big!” Rent or purchase.


Ghost (1990). It doesn’t run on TV all the time like it used to, so chances are good it’s been a while since you saw this film about a murdered man who tries to save his grieving girlfriend with the help of a wacky medium. Everyone remembers the sexy sculptor’s wheel scene, but this romance is much more: suspense, mystery, and longing (…by you and your friends…Sam and Molly’s relationship is, well, to die for). Rent or purchase.


Titanic (1997). You may think of “disaster romance” as the kind of relationship your sister always finds, but actually this film – one of the top romances of all time -- defines a doomed relationship. What makes this three hour epic perfect for movie night is that it’s really not about the dialogue, so you and your crew can gab all you want – it won’t ruin the experience. Rent or purchase.


Clueless (1995). Now that you’re a mom, you’ll see this film with entirely different eyes. Sher is a ditz but she’s actually pretty responsible. She’s the opposite of boy crazy – boy agnostic may be a better description. She has a mature, respectful and helpful relationship with her dad. . She even admonishes the new girl that it’s not cool to do drugs (except on special occasions – hey, it was the 90s). On the other hand, she does get together with her stepbrother, so your buddies have a lot to discuss. Rent or purchase.


Joy Luck Club (1993). Want a quick way to bond with your friends? Complain about your mother. I know, it’s terrible, and soon this very well may be the kind of behavior coming from our own daughters, complete with eye rolls to tell us how uncool we are … but you know it’s true. So, enjoy this film about the complicated relationships between four sets of Chinese-born mothers and their daughters who grew up together in America. Rent or purchase.



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