Kristen Stewart Goes from Twilight to…Stripping?

While a lot of us are anticipating Kristen Stewart's upcoming role in The Runaways as the iconic musical artist Joan Jett, and as Bella in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the girl has another under-the-radar film hitting screens this January and, well, guess whose shirt is coming off this time around. Unfortunately most fans won't get to see this one right away as it's first debuting at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah next month. But seeing as Stewart is a hot commodity right now, I don't think it'll take long for someone to scoop this sucker up and chuck it into theaters.

The film is called Welcome to the Rileys, and it stars James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) as a "damaged man" who finds salvation while caring for a wayward young woman (Stewart) while on a business trip to New Orleans. We don't know much about Stewart's character except that she plays a stripper, and – in the first newly-released photos from the film – looks pretty battered and beaten up.
Check out the two photos below and let us know what you think. Sure, it's a long way from her role as Bella in the Twilight movies, but it's one that definitely may prove that Stewart is an actress capable of handling even the toughest roles. I'll make sure to report back on the film when I catch it at Sundance.



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