Katniss vs. Mystique: Who's the Better Jennifer Lawrence Character?

If we were to discuss Jennifer Lawrence's best performances, the debate would end up being about whether she deserved the Oscar more for her nominated stint in Winter's Bone or the film she actually won with, Silver Linings Playbook. But since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrived in theaters this weekend, it's time instead to discuss her best franchise role. 

In the Hunger Games series, Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, a skilled archeress with a rebellious streak. Compare her to Mystique, a deceptive shape-shifting mutant whom the actress now portrays in the X-Men movies, including the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, having taken over as a younger incarnation from Rebecca Romijn.

Which one is more likable? Which one is more interesting? Which one would win in a fight?

Odds could be on Mystique, becuase she'd just pose as Peeta or Gale or Prim to get close and take Katniss out with underhanded ease. Then again, Katniss is a crafty survivor and might quickly be able to spot the trick and get away in time to shoot an arrow straight into Mystique's blue flesh.

But we don't need to consider the victor of a violent conflict to answer the simple question of which character we think is better, as in which we personally prefer. Recently Fandango polled its Twitter followers to see whom you favor, Katniss or Mystique. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty much a landslide victory for the former. Here is a tally of the responses followed by the actual tweets:

Katniss: 8
Mystique: 1
Undecided: 1


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