Katee Sackhoff in Talks with Marvel As Studio Plans Addition of More Female Superheroes

Marvel Studios might be bringing in more girl power.

Ever since The Avengers, the studio has been planning on expanding its cinematic universe and the latest addition could include Ms. Marvel.

Marvel Studios director-producer Louis D'Esposito spoke with Comingsoon about bringing more female superheroes to the big screen and specifically called out Captain Marvel (same character as Ms. Marvel).

"There's obviously a drumbeat that is banging louder and louder that we want a female lead superhero. We have strong female character in our films from Black Widow to Pepper Potts to Peggy Carter and you never know. Maybe there's an offshoot film with one of them. Or Captain Marvel, you know?"

D'Esposito goes on to say that "It's hard because we have a small group at Marvel. We do two films a year. To get those two films done and to do them right takes a lot of work and man power. And female power, obviously. To add a third film and to just put it in the slate right now is difficult. We have these next three, four, five films coming out and that's what we're really concentrating on."

Meanwhile, Katee Sackhoff mentioned during the Schmoes Know Podcast (note: some strong language) that "there has been some stuff going on" between herself and Disney, primarily "a lot of checking of availability for the first quarter of next year."

Joss Whedon is currently putting the finishing touches on the script for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is scheduled to begin filming in early 2014. Might Whedon be making room to introduce Captain Marvel in the sequel?

Would you like to see Captain Marvel added to the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe? Are there other Marvel female superheroes whom you'd like to see on the big screen?



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