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Joss Whedon Confirms Villains in 'Avengers 2'

Earlier this month at the Iron Man 3 red carpet premiere, Joss Whedon teased that The Avengers 2 could potentially feature a brother-sister act. A few days and rabid speculation later, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were rumored to be the duo that would cause trouble for Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the 2015 summer sequel.

Whedon put an end to the speculation in an interview with IGN stating, "You know, they had a rough beginning. They're interesting to me because they sort of represent the part of the world that wouldn't necessarily agree with The Avengers. So they're not there to make things easier. I'm not putting any characters in the movie that will make things easier."

The quote puts to rest speculation as to who would be the Avengers' antagonist in the sequel, but raises an interesting question in regards to movie rights. As Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are the children of Magneto, they fall into the X-Men cast of characters. Fox currently owns the movie rights to the X-Men franchise.

Could The Avengers 2 signal the beginning of major studios sharing movie rights (and profits) for blockbuster superhero movies? Furthermore, if that is the case, does that mean we'll see Spider-Man, Wolverine and other non-Disney/Marvel characters pop up in movies somewhere down the road?

For those wondering where supervillain Thanos is during all of this, Whedon has previously stated that The Avengers 3 has been reserved for the final showdown.

Meanwhile, Whedon is optimistic that Iron Man will return saying, "If The Avengers are called, does he show up? The answer is 'Yes!'" Downey is one of a handful of returning Avengers cast members who are renegotiating their contacts with Marvel Studios.

Who would you like to see cast as Scarlet Witch (Eva Green? Mila Kunis?) and Quicksilver (Paul Wesley? Michael Rosenbaum?) Sound off below!

The Avengers 2 will take all your money beginning May 1, 2015.


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