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Joss Whedon Calls 'Avengers 2' a 'Glorious Challenge'

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has gone on record saying that Joss Whedon's The Avengers 2 outline consists of "seven things worth the price of admission." Now Whedon opens up with his thoughts about making a sequel to the third highest grossing movie of all-time.

"The only pressure is the pressure that is there every time I do a news project. Is it going to be any good? Is it going to be different? Is there even a reason to make another one? I am not going to try and match the box office of the first one because that would be bonkers," Whedon told Total Film.

He continued, "Yes, there is a certain level of safety because people know about The Avengers and they like the characters so it probably won't completely crash and burn. But you don't want to just get by and do something that is merely OK. If I'm going to dedicate three years of my short life to this then I want to do something that I have never done before. So I think of The Avengers 2 as a glorious challenge. It is a sequel, yes, but how can it be different? I was comfortable making the first Avengers, but I didn't sleep during it."

The Avengers 2 is expected to re-unite Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow as well as introduce new Marvel heroes in the May 1, 2015 release.

"I do have a greater opportunity to dig deeper into the relationships in the second," Whedon said in a separate interview with Digital Spy from last month. You can watch that video below.

At last night's MTV Movie Awards, Whedon joked with THR that finishing the first draft to the sequel has "been enormous fun, followed by deep, deep panic. I'm in the deep panic stage right now. Actually, I've gone past panic into a vague nether-stage." He adds that the main thing The Avengers will be up against is "themselves because we're all our own worst enemy."


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