Josh Hartnett to Play 'Thor' Villain? Ooooh, We're Scared!

Casting rumors for Marvel’s next big-budgeted superhero movie are being hurled across the web like boogers in a fourth-grade math class, and just 24 hours after Alexander Skarsgård’s name popped up as a contender for the lead character in Thor, another familiar actor might be up for the part of villain. reports that Josh Hartnett (of all people) is on the short list to play Loki, Thor’s brother and the film’s main baddie. The character, who repeatedly attempts to do away with Thor so that he can snatch the Throne of Asgard for himself, likes to be known as the God of Mischief. Hartnett, however, will have to do one helluva job to escape his nickname as the God of Boring Performances. Zing! IESB also notes that heartthrob Channing Tatum is another actor being considered for the Thor role – but while he comes with a more recognizable name and face than Skarsgård, rumor has it director Kenneth Branagh would prefer to go with the latter. Thor is due out in theaters on July 16, 2010.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Hartnett and the character Loki, and let us know if you think the actor could pull it off.

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