Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rian Johnson Tease Their Time-Travel Thriller 'Looper' with Two New Images and an In-Depth WonderCon Panel

Time travel appears to be a recurring theme of science-fiction movies heading to theaters this year. In addition to the Sundance and South by Southwest film festival hit Safety Not Guaranteed (which reaches theaters on June 8), Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his Brick director Rian Johnson plan to unleash a twisty time-travel crime thriller titled Looper in September. The two men were at WonderCon in Anaheim over the weekend, where they teased two new images form the production and participated in an in-depth panel discussion. We have the two images below, and will post a video of the full panel at the bottom of this post:

In the film, which Johnson writes and directs, Gordon-Levitt plays a hit man who is contracted by mob bosses from the distant future to hunt and kill modern-day targets. Trouble arises, though, when Gordon-Levitt is ordered to eliminate a character played by Bruce Willis, only to recognize that this is the time-traveling future version of himself. 
If it sounds convoluted … well, that’s because it is. But if you have seen either Brick or Johnson's con-game comedy The Brothers Bloom, you know that he's is a whiz-kid storyteller with confidence in his storytelling methods and an impressive understanding of narrative conventions. Brick blew apart the film-noir genre, while Bloom dusted off the confines of the eccentric-crime-comedy formula. Looper, at the very least, should turn time-travel stories on their heads.
Johnson also has been lucky enough to work with amazing actors, and Looper will be no different. In addition to Willis and JGL, the film co-stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano and Piper Perabo. 
Because of the twisty nature of the Looper plot, I’d suggest that the less you know about the film going in, the more enjoyable it possibly might be. However, if you are one of those film fans that needs to absorb every little detail about a film prior to release, then dial up this NSFW WonderCon video of the Looper press conference (the language is a little questionable), which slices out the unseen footage of Gordon-Levitt and Willis sharing a scene, but still includes plenty of insight from Johnson and his cast. 
Looper opens everywhere on Sept. 28. 

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