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Joseph Gordon-Levitt 'In the Mix' For 'Guardians' Lead Role

Last week, Variety reported that the search for the leading actor in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy had been narrowed down to two actors – Chuck's Zachary Levi and Cloud Atlas' Jim Sturgess.

Director James Gunn took to his Facebook page to dispute the accuracy of the article saying, "Almost everything in that Variety article on the Guardians of the Galaxy casting (and all the following articles based on it) was/is completely inaccurate. Just for the record.

This doesn't mean that Levi and Sturgess aren't still in contention, but now a new name has emerged as a potential lead for the Peter Quill role – Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Deadline scooped that JGL is a candidate for the Quill role, though cautioned that they aren't sure if he has been offered the role and "nobody would comment, but he's in the mix."

If this is true, it could seriously deter JGL's involvement in Warner Bros.' planned Justice League feature, where the general assumption was that he would carry over the Batman role from Christopher Nolan's trilogy. Marvel is well-known for signing actors to multi-film deals.

JGL's name is mentioned to pretty much every hot project out there, following a breakout 2012 slate of films. Expect more rumors and news to swirl as Marvel and Gunn move toward casting not only Quill, but other members of the Guardians in the coming months.

Do you like JGL in the lead role in Guardians or would you prefer another actor in that role (perhaps Levi or Sturgess)?

Guardians of the Galaxy is due in theaters on August 1, 2014.

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