Johnny Depp Talks 'Pirates 4', 'The Lone Ranger' and The Riddler

With Public Enemies gearing up to hit movie screens on July 1st, a number of different press outlets had a chance to chat up Johnny Depp recently and grill him on all things Pirates related. Not only that, but Depp also spoke about his role as Tonto in the planned Lone Ranger adaptation, as well as whether he'd ever play the Riddler in a new Batman movie.

Depp on returning to the Jack Sparrow role for Pirates of the Caribbean 4: "I love the character so much and I enjoyed playing the character so much, and people seem to like it, so if there's an opportunity to try it know, it's like going up to bat. You want to get back out there and try and try and try and see what you can do. I enjoy playing the character of Jack very much. It could be anything at this point. Jack could be in some geisha clothing. I don't know. We could explore a lot of possibilities."

Depp on playing Tonto in The Lone Ranger: "I think we're sort of in the beginning stages, so there's all kinds of possibilities, but I feel like I have some good ideas for the character that I don't think have been done all that much before..." [JoBlo]

And for awhile there were rumors that Depp would be up for the role of Riddler in a new Batman film. If he was offered the part, would he take it? Says Depp, "If the opportunity came, I'd definitely juggle it (referring to his hectic schedule). I always liked the Riddler. I always liked Frank Gorshin (who played Riddler on the old Batman TV show). Frank Gorshin was brilliant. I always thought he was a great actor." [MTV]

Which potential Johnny Depp role excites you the most: Jack Sparrow, Tonto or Riddler?

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