Johnny Depp Plays Lizard in New ‘Rango’ Trailer

'Rango'Did you know that Gore Verbinski, the director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, was re-teaming with Johnny Depp (who plays Captain Jack Sparrow) on an animated movie that has Depp playing a lizard? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do – and you can learn more about the film by watching the brand spanking new trailer below.

Not much was known about the film prior to this trailer, except that it was called Rango, and starred Johnny Depp as a lizard on an adventure. Based on this new trailer, the film definitely looks a little trippy (was that a Fear and Loathing reference toward the end when the lizard comes flying at the car windshield?). Apparently Depp stars as a lizard who’s completely out of his element in the middle of the desert surrounded by snakes, lizards and other scary looking animals who all look to play by their own rules. 

Verbinski – who’s said previously that they’re using brand new technology on the film, which will be animated by the folks over at Industrial Light & Magic – seems to be giving the entire movie a Western feel, though it also looks to be filled with plenty of oddities. Is this a kids’ film? I can’t tell.
What do you think? Watch the trailer below or in HD right here.

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