Jason Statham Torments James Franco (??) in First Trailer for Stallone-Penned 'Homefront'

Homefront, at the very least, sounds drop-dead fascinating. It costars Jason Statham and James Franco in the story of a small-time meth kingpin (Franco) butting heads with the former DEA agent (Statham) who just moved to town. Their beef starts over a fight between their children at the local elementary school. Needless to say, it escalates to Expendables-levels of violence!
The new trailer just arrived on Yahoo Movies. Check it out below: 

Typically standard stuff, from Statham’s perspective. His character gets in hot water. He punches his way out. 
Why does this look different, and decidedly better, from what we’ve come to expect? 
1. The meth angle is a direct response to the popularity of the television drama Breaking Bad. The one shot of two “cooks” making meth might as well be Jessie and Mr. White. 
2. Franco as the villain is… offbeat. The actor is taking virtually every role thrown his way. To his credit, he refuses to conform. But Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder as the subsequent love interests? Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. 
3. Nor did I see this: Sylvester Stallone gets a screenplay credit for Homefront, based on a novel by Chuck Logan. You know, that makes sense. Stallone would have starred in this movie 20 years ago. And Statham’s his boy. But Franco… that’s a wild card. 
Homefront will open in theaters on November 27, Thanksgiving weekend, which also makes such little sense that it actually makes perfect sense.  



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