Jason Statham Teams Up with Jennifer Lopez in 'Parker' Trailer

The January movie slate isn't complete until you have a Jason Statham action flick scheduled on one of the weekends. Last year it was the forgettable The Mechanic and though Safe got bumped from January to April, it served as this year's token Statham B-movie.

Of course, Statham has succeeded in his other films, including two Expendables and Crank movies and of course the three Transporter films, which seem like they came out ages ago, even though the last one hit theaters in 2008.

Next January, you can catch Statham working out a Southern accent in Parker,  as he hunts down a bunch of no-good bad guys led by Michael Chiklis. In the process, he teams up with Jennifer Lopez who seems really out of place in this film.

Believe it or not, Parker is directed by Taylor Hackford, who helmed the Oscar-winning Ray so maybe this trailer doesn't give us a good taste of what the final product will look like. We do get glimpses of Nick Nolte and Chiklis, but the majority of the focus is on Statham and Lopez.

Judge for yourself and decide if you want to check out Parker when it arrives in theaters on January 25.

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