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Jason Statham as 'Transformers 4' Lead?

Granted this news should be taken with a Costco-sized lump of salt, but the rumor mill is buzzing that action star Jason Statham could potentially replace Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky in Transformers 4.

ShowBizSpy kicked off the rumor stating that a) based on the buckets of money the Transformers franchise has made for Paramount, a fourth movie is inevitable and b) Statham is currently dating Dark of the Moon star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, so naturally, they’d have some on-screen chemistry.
LaBeouf has already stated numerous times leading up to the release of the latest Transformers flick that Dark of the Moon would be his final feature with his Autobot allies. While director Michael Bay has not definitively ruled out helming a fourth pic, he and Paramount are looking for someone to lead the franchise into a “new, darker direction.”
Statham would certainly fit that role. You could consider him a hunkier, badass version of LaBeouf. So is there any chance of this actually happening? Right now, no sequel has officially been greenlit, but LaBeouf had hinted in a recent interview that the franchise could be rebooted with new actors.
What do you think of Statham as a Transformers lead? Could another actor, perhaps, Michael Fassbender or Taylor Lautner fill Witwicky’s shoes?
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