James Cameron's Next 3D Film Is ...

Now that Avatar has become the biggest film of all time (in terms of box office dollars), I’m sure a lot of folks are wondering what director James Cameron plans to do next. Will he tackle Avatar 2? Will he direct a movie about the bombing of Hiroshima? Will he build a spaceship, move to Mars and film the entire thing in 3D?

James Cameron

Nope. Not according to an interview with Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am in Vibe magazine (via Pop Crunch). Oh no, Will.i.am claims Cameron is directing a 3D concert film featuring the Black Eyed Peas during their South American tour. The singer-actor tells Vibe, “Right now, we are planning our 3D tour movie, and James Cameron is directing it – we have the biggest director, because we are the biggest group on the planet."
Not sure about that last statement, but okay. Keep in mind we don’t have official confirmation on this, but if true, I do wonder what Cameron could bring to the art of 3D concert films that we haven’t seen before. Movie theaters would love to expand their brand to cover concerts and sporting events, and one way to get the public excited about going to see a concert in a movie theater is by delivering it in a unique way to moviegoers. James Cameron could be the man to do that … if, ya know, this whole thing is true and all.
What do you think? Would you go see a 3D concert film directed by James Cameron? Do you think he could bring the whole thing to another level, or is there only so much you can do with a live concert?
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