James Cameron's 'Avatar: The Game' Introduces Na'vi

I'm not one to geek out over video games, but from what I've heard about 'Avatar: The Game,' it looks like it'll be a fun immersion into the world of Pandora for gamers and moviegoers alike come December. Last week's Electronics and Entertainment Expo (E3) in L.A. gave select media a sneak peek at the third-person game, and James Cameron, who showed up for a surprise visit, spoke on why this game differs from other "crap" games (as he put it) that were made from his movies. (You can watch Gamespot's interview clip and check out EW's in-depth report.)

James Cameron This time, Cameron teamed with Ubisoft and started early—about three years ago—plenty of time to come up with quality characters and a storyline that wouldn't regurgitate the movie. He trusted Ubisoft to create spinoffs of his script's characters and even create new ones, but thankfully, Cameron's been kept in the loop to veto stuff he thinks inappropriate. The result: He says Ubisoft created a game that's in sync with his vision of the film.

Cameron also revealed that instead of a first-person shooter game (which it was in its early stages), he and the team decided it'd be better as a third-person game to give players a better look at how the Na'vi, an alien race, interact. The player can choose to be on either side of the warring races: resource-depleting humans with awesome weaponry, or the Na'vi, a race which nurtures and thrives upon the land.

So far, everyone's been all abuzz for Avatar, and Cameron seems thrilled that a lot of great ideas came from collaborating with Ubisoft. If a sequel for Avatar emerges, he says he'll be talking to the folks on the gaming team. "I'm not that precious about my writing. If I hear a good idea, I'm just happy to have someone else come up with it." Way to go with the synergy!

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