Is Jamie Bell the Next Spider-Man?

Not long ago we told you about the shortlist of actors circling the part of Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man film. Though no official announcement has been made, sources over at Bleeding Cool claim British actor Jamie Bell has beat out everyone else and won the coveted role. When reached for comment, Sony, well, had no comment, which could mean a number of different things, but most likely it means they’re very close to making a big announcement and want to do it on their own terms, instead of by responding to a rumor.

Jamie Bell

I have to be honest: Bell wouldn’t have been my first choice. He’s a good actor, sure, and probably one of the most recognizable (you remember him from movies like Billy Elliot and Jumper), but he’s a little too dark and edgy for Spider-Man … unless that’s what they’ll be going for this time around. Maybe they’re shying away from the nerdy Peter Parker, and creating a kid who’s a little more withdrawn and moody. A loner, if you will.
Also, Bell is 24, which is a bit older than the high school setting the film is going for. Remember, they’re rebooting the franchise and bringing Peter Parker back to high school. Can Jamie Bell – a 24-year-old – pass as a high school student for at least this first film?
I guess we’ll see if this really does happen; HitFix recently claimed that Josh Hutcherson was pretty much a lock for the role, so it definitely does seem like no one knows anything at this point.
Is Bell a good choice, or do you think it should be someone else?
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