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'Iron Man 3' Poster and Photos Give Us Best Look at Iron Patriot Suit

UPDATE: We joked a little that this feels like Iron Man 3 week, with the reveal of new photos and a trailer (due to hit the Internet on Tuesday). Well, the stream of, Iron Man 3 goodies continue as Marvel posts the first official poster to go with all of the images that dropped earlier this morning. Here's the poster. Let us know what you think!

EARLIER: Marvel has been parceling out Iron Man 3 nuggets as we build toward the first full trailer. Over the weekend, we had a tantalizing teaser with quick hits at what we might see in the trailer. And this morning, we’re seeing some beautiful new stills that continue to promote the upcoming sequel. They were shared with USA Today and on Facebook. We have them for you below. 

The most promising photo has to be this one, which gives us the best look yet at the Iron Patriot suit … though we still don’t know exactly how it is going to be used in the sequel:
Beyond that, we get a number of shots with Robert Downey Jr. next to his upgraded Iron Man 3 armor, and shots of Gwyneth Paltrow’s supportive Pepper Potts cradling an Iron Man mask amidst the rubble of Stark’s Malibu mansion … and you’ll likely see that destruction in the full trailer, which hits later this week.   
Here are the rest of the new Iron Man 3 images. Hopefully they’ll tide you over until the trailer lands. We’ll have it on the Web site as soon as it goes live. 
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