International 'Life of Pi' Trailer Goes Into Flashback Mode

Up until now, we've been treated to some dazzling CG imagery from Ang Lee's upcoming Life of Pi. But what about the story? How is newcomer Suraj Sharma in the role of Pi?

With the New York Film Festival just a few days from kicking off, a new international trailer for the film has been revealed and shows the story operating in flashback mode. In the beginning we see Irrfan Khan as an older Pi Patel recounting the story of how his family decided to move their zoo across the Pacific to Canada but were shipwrecked in the process. Pi then drifts in the ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

True there's still the same stunning CG imagery that we've seen in previous clips and trailers, but now that we get a little better look at some of the plot and acting, what are your thoughts?

Life of Pi is due in theaters November 21 and will premiere at the New York Film Festival  on September 28.

Update: Yahoo has premiered the same trailer as the official second domestic theatrical trailer.

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