Inside Scoop: 'Monsters vs. Aliens'

DreamWorks has been giving Pixar a run for its money with such recent releases as Kung Fu Panda and the Madagascar movies. The studio's latest animated feature, Monsters vs. Aliens, will continue that roll with help from a motley crew of 3D-enhanced monsters, including a 340-foot-tall baby insectosaurus who's teething on skyscrapers, a brilliant doctor (voiced by Hugh Laurie) with a cockroach head, and a blue blob named Bob (voiced by Seth Rogen).

Monsters vs. Aliens

DreamWorks showed a handful of media outlets some 3D footage of the movie, which was more or less a comprehensive spoiler on Monsters vs. Aliens, opening March 29, 2009. Here's what to expect:

Monsters vs. Aliens -Forget the cute, cuddly monsters you saw in Monsters, Inc. Although Dreamworks' title involuntarily draws a comparison to the Pixar film, they’re worlds apart. Monsters vs. Aliens centers on a secret U.S.-governed sector where freaks of nature or experimentation are imprisoned. When aliens invade Earth, General W.R. Monger (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland) unleashes the monsters on one condition: defeat the aliens and the monsters will be awarded their freedom.

-The 3D aspect blew me away. The entire movie was conceived start to finish with 3D in mind, unlike some films that incorporate 3D in post-production. At the screening, Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, revealed that, starting with Monsters vs. Aliens, everything they’ll produce will have the 3D viewing option.

-If you're not thrilled about seeing it in 3D, the 2D looks just as enjoyable. Judging from three clips and character art, the storyline seems engaging for kids as well as adults, who’ll get the cleverly interwoven humor in scenes like the president’s first encounter with the aliens, where he attempts to welcome them by performing a rendition of "Axel F." Parents beware – there are some suggestive innuendoes slipped in.

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