'Inside Llewyn Davis,' the Coen Brothers' Latest, Drops an Amazing Trailer

This is how you do a trailer, Hollywood. Rival studios, please take note. 

The first footage from Joel and Ethan Coen’s next movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, arrived online today, teasing the premise and hinting at the greatness awaiting audiences but stopping well short of spoiling the experience. Of course, a teaser is an appetizer, and a Coen movie is like a four-course meal, to a trailer – no matter how masterful – can never really cheapen the entire screening. But this clip does just enough to leave us wanting more. 
Check it out for yourself:

That ending … it’s just perfect. Admittedly, I’m in the tank for virtually anything that the Coens do. And it feels like an eternity since they put their own spin on the classic Western True Grit (to tremendous effect) back in 2010. But the brothers seem to be in a deep, dramatic groove with Grit and A Serious Man – after flexing their wacky bones in Burn After Reading – and Davis easily could continue that streak. 
We don’t have a confirmed release date for Davis, though there will be a one-night screening of the film in Culver City, CA on Saturday, Feb. 9 … so we know it's finished and ready to be screened. For now, the movie – about a struggling folk singer (Oscar Isaac) and the damaged woman in his life (Carey Mulligan) – remains a bit of a mystery … and also remains one of our most anticipated films of 2013.
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