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Indie Close-Up: Keira Knightley Headlines 'Anna Karenina,' 'Buffalo Girls' Explores Underground World of Child Boxers

With the majority of the attention forcused on Breaking Dawn - Part 2 this weekend, even indie films have drawn back a bit. Still, Lincoln expands wide and another award season contender arrives in theaters in the form of Anna Karenina. Let's see what else is opening in theaters...

Anna Karenina

The third collaboration between Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley and acclaimed director Joe Wright sees the duo taking on classic Russian literature. Ok, that might sound a bit dull, but following the award-winning box office success of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, there's certainly a fair amount of award season buzz surrounding Karenina. Reviews have been mixed. While Knightley delivers a strong performance and Wright directs a unique, visually inventive take on Tolstoy's novel, it's that same stylized inventiveness that has soured a fair share of critics. See for yourself and let us know if you liked it or loathed it.


Price Check

Parker Posey continues her indie movie march playing a high-powered, manipulative grocery store chain executive who grooms an unhappy new hire for a new job. Eric Mabius, who plays the new hire, finds himself in an unhappy marriage with wife Annie Parisse and together, they are drowning in debts. Money and a growing career are within his grasp, but at what price?


Buffalo Girls

Veteran grip Todd Kellstein makes his directorial debut with this look at the underground world of Thailand's child boxing economy. Running at just over and hour… wait, child boxers?! Indeed, the documentary centers on two eight-year-old girls who fight in rural Thailand's underground child boxing ring (pun not intended) to earn money to support their families. Emotional and heartbreaking, the two girls end up fighting one another for a championship belt and a cash prize that will change the winner's life forever.


Funeral Kings

This dramedy follows two altar boys who decide to play hooky after serving at a series of funeral at their church. When a 16-year-old dropout and former altar boy hides a padlocked trunk in their bedroom, he explicitly tells them not to open it. In spite of the warning, the boys crack open the case and find fireworks, cigarettes, adult magazines and the most alluring contraband of all, a small silver .38-caliber revolver. 

View the slightly NSFW trailer here.


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Giveaway: $150 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Fandango Gift Card