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Indie Close-Up: A 'Fat Kid,' Some 'Butter,' and 'The Paperboy' Arrive in Theaters

Indie Close-Up: A 'Fat Kid,' Some 'Butter,' and 'The Paperboy' Arrive in Theaters

A fat kid will rule the world,  some butter arrives in theaters along with a paperboy and another (well-reviewed) take on Wuthering Heights. Not in the mood to sit through Frankenweenie or the critically lampooned Taken 2? Here are a few films opening in limited release this weekend...


You heard the buzz, you've seen the clips of Jennifer Garner sculpting butter and now after making the film festival rounds, Butter arrives in theaters this weekend. Co-starring Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone, Rod Corddry and a cameo by Hugh Jackman, the comedy finds Garner jumping into a state butter-carving competition after her husband, played by Modern Family's Ty Burrell, retires. Her main competition comes in the form of a prodigious young adopted girl who becomes a late-breaking favorite. Who wins?


The Paperboy

Following the much-publicized scene in which Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron, Lee Daniels' latest flick arrives in theaters. The sexually and racially charged film noir from the Oscar-nominated director of Precious takes audiences into the backwaters of 1960s south Florida. Matthew McCounaghey stars as a investigative reporter who, along with his partner (David Oyelowo) chase a sensational story to try and prove a violent swamp-dweller (John Cusack) was framed for attempted murder.


Fat Kid Rules the World

Directed by Matthew Lillard, the film follows Troy Billings, an overweight, suicidal 17-year-old who is about to jump in front of a bus when he's saved by Marcus, a high school dropout/street musician. AS the two begin to form an uneasy friendship, Marcus enlists Troy to be a drummer in a new punk rock band. As their friendship grows, Troy's father grows increasingly concerned about his son's new friendship.



The latest entry into the found footage horror movie subgenre finds a group of misfits who are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house in the countryside to acquire a rare tape. While searching through the house, the group comes upon a dead body, a hub of old televisions and an endless supply of cryptic footage that grows more inexplicable than the last.


The House I Live In

The House I Live In is not some prequel to The House At the End of the Street or The Last House on the Left (or any other movie with "house" in the title). Rather, director Eugene Jarecki 's documentary focuses on America's War on Drugs, which launch four decades ago. Since then, 45 million addicts have been arrested and prisons in America are growing over-crowded with nonviolent criminals. Jarecki examines where it all went wrong and reveals that a solution is possible if we look past decades of paranoia and propaganda.


The Oranges

Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt, Leighton Meester, Catherine Keener and Allison Janney star in this dark comedy about a suburban family's daughter who returns home and kindles a relationship with her parent's best friend. Directed by Julian Farino who helmed multiple episodes of Entourage, The Oranges serves as this week's adult-friendly romantic comedy.


Wuthering Heights

Andrea Arnold directs this lush adaptation of the classic tale of Heathcliff and Cathy from Emily Bronte's novel. Keep your eyes on Arnold as a potential dark horse for best director nominations as awards season rolls around as critics have been praising her take on this often-adapted story.

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