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'Hunger Games' Happenings: The DVD Release Date and Robert Pattinson in 'Catching Fire'?

Could Robert Pattinson possibly trade one massive movie franchise in The Twilight Saga for another in The Hunger Games?
That’s the rumor making the rounds after the Web site Think McFly Think revealed that Lionsgate is “chasing” Pattinson for its upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, and would like for him to play Finnick Odair. 
On a few levels, it makes sense. Catching Fire now will be helmed by Francis Lawrence, who directed Pattinson in the literary adaptation Water for Elephants. And Pattinson’s a marquee sensation who immediately brings tons of exposure to an already popular film series. 
But – and here’s where the ride goes off the rails a bit – readers of Suzanne Collins’ books know that Odair is nothing like Pattinson (on the surface), and the casting wouldn’t be ideal. As Perri Nemiroff writes for, “I’ll be the first to admit that Pattinson is a good looking guy, but Finnick Odair is much more the Abercrombie model-type – tall, tan, fit and handsome. Sure Pattinson could beef up, but I suspect he’s just too naturally lean to look strong and athletic enough.”
What do you think, Hunger Games fans? Is RPattz the right guy to play Odair? Or is this stunt casting to bring a major movie star over to a franchise that doesn’t need it? 
Speaking of the original Games, Lionsgate also revealed that the film will reach DVD and Blu-ray shelves – as well as On Demand and Digital Download – on Aug. 18 at 12:01 a.m. Details of supplements are unavailable at this time … but we do have a trailer for the home entertainment release. Enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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