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Hugo Weaving to Play Villain in 'Captain America'

Though we don't have our Captain America just yet, it looks like that's not stopping Marvel from casting the film's main villain. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Hugo Weaving will play the Captain America villain Red Skull, who, in the comics, was the superhero's arch-nemesis and right-hand man to Hitler during World War II. The story goes that both remained in suspended animation following a battle and were revived in modern times to do battle once again.

Hugo Weaving as Red Skull?

Weaving, of course, has already played one classic villain – that of Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogy. Though he turned good for the Lord of the Rings franchise (man, Weaving is a franchise machine!), he's always been great as a villain. This is definitely inspired casting, and I can't wait to see Weaving back in a villainous position; he was the best part of the Matrix movies.
Still waiting to hear who Weaving will be going up against; as of now there's an online effort to get Chris Evans in the role. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the one who winds up in the red, while and blue. Evans vs. Weaving? I'd see it. You?
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