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Hugh Jackman to Appear in 'X-Men: First Class'?

Hugh JackmanSince Hugh Jackman has sort of become the driving force behind the X-Men franchise, it wouldn't surprise us if he were to show up for a cameo in the upcoming X-Men: First Class. Sure, the film takes place a few decades ago, and its cast is already loaded with names from James McAvoy to January Jones, but if you ask the fans, there's no such thing as an X-Men movie that doesn't include at least one scene with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Although the studio hasn't officially announced anything (probably because they'd like to keep it as a surprise or "rumor" until the movie comes out this summer), reports began popping up yesterday suggesting that Hugh Jackman was visiting the set of X-Men: First Class earlier this week. Funnily enough, this info came by way of a taxi driver who left a Facebook status boasting that he just drove Hugh Jackman to the airport from the X-Men set.
So the question now is, was Jackman on set filming a cameo, or was he just visiting? Chances are he wasn't just visiting, and since he's already working out hard prior to filming Wolverine 2 early next year, the guy may be in the kind of shape to make a brief cameo. Either way, don't expect much from Wolverine in this new X-Men movie since the thing is literally packed with characters as it is. If we get the little cameo nod to our favorite mutant, then hopefully that'll be enough to hold us over till Wolverine 2 hits theaters in 2012.
Do you think Wolverine belongs in an X-Men prequel?
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