Hugh Jackman Negotiates to Come Back for 'The Wolverine 2'

Guess who’s getting back into Wolverine’s signature claws? 
Yes, yes … we know that Hugh Jackman will reprise his classic role of Logan in Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past, due in theaters next May. But Deadline’s now reporting that Jackman and director James Mangold are negotiating to reunite for The Wolverine 2, marking the eighth time that the actor would portray the ornery Marvel mutant. 

Fox cites the success of Mangold’s The Wolverine as a global hit, with the sequel pulling in north of $400 million worldwide. It’s currently the second-highest X-Men earner (behind Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand), so you can understand why the studio would want to explore the possibilities of a sequel. 
I’m not sure I understand why Jackman wants to KEEP playing Wolverine, to be honest with you. Movies like Les Miserables and Prisoners prove how versatile he is outside of the superhero genre. But he adores the character of Logan, and so I wonder if it will simply break Jackman’s heart to see any other actor in the role.
Jackman will play Wolverine in Days of Future Past next summer, and if contracts are signed, we’ll see him back in a standalone movie sooner rather than later. Good idea? Share your thoughts below!


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