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'How to Train Your Dragon 2' Trailer Turns into 'How I Met Your Mother'

When in doubt, introduce a mother.
How to Train Your Dragon 2 dropped its latest trailer today, and it’s filled with an army of new characters – both human, and dragon. You’ll notice almost immediately that director Dean DeBlois has increased the number of flying beasts in his sequel, but he isn’t letting that distract from the emotional human issues that are propping up the movie… like the introduction of Hiccup’s missing mum Valka, voiced by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. 
Watch the new clip below:

The return of Valka brings the warning of new dangers, personified by Drago (Djimon Hounsou), a warrior who also can control dragons. As in the first How to Train Your Dragon, the reason to buy a ticket – preferably a 3D ticket – is to experience the swooping aerial animation as Hiccup rides his sleek black dragon Toothless to assumed victory.
No spoilers. 
How to Train Your Dragon 2 rides into theaters on June 13, going toe-to-toothless-toe with 22 Jump Street… also starring Jonah Hill. Just don’t choose the wrong ticket, families! One is a hard-R rating!!
Here’s a new Dragon 2 poster, as well. Will you be grabbing tickets and bringing the whole family? 



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