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How to Make the Ultimate Movie Sex Tape

If Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel can make a sex tape in their new movie, then you can too! Here are some quick and easy tips to make your movie sex tape one to remember.


Use an Empty House

You'll want to get rid of extra family members for this one. Send the kids to school. Make sure the in-laws don't pop in for a visit. Whatever it takes.



Locate a Handsome Man

If at all possible, it would be wonderful if your sex tape could appeal to others. So try to find a man who doesn't look like a shaved gorilla.



Find a Pretty Lady

If you can't find a handsome man, maybe you'll have more luck finding a pretty lady as they tend to have a lot less back hair.



Don't Discriminate

Be open when choosing a sex-tape partner. You never know what people from outside your immediate social circle can bring to the table.



Set the Mood

Lower those lights to give off just the right mood. If you failed to find a handsome man or pretty lady, lower them a bit more. Grab some candles. Put on any song sung by a guy named Barry.



Be Safe

Just because you're making a sex video it doesn't mean you need to make yourself vulnerable to any negative consequences. It's better to be safe than sorry.



Try Costumes

Why stick to your boring old everyday clothes? Spice things up by wearing something far more seductive and sensual. Perhaps something in leather?



Bring Food into the Mix

Full fridge? Bring some of those tasty treats into the equation. Food is fun, and it offers a greater variety of sex-tape activities. Plus, you won't get hungry.



Let Yourself Be Heard!

Don't be shy when it comes to lovemaking. Be heard! Make some noise! This raises your interest level and helps make everyone else feel like they're doing a good job.



Take Time for Kissing

Why jump right into the main event? Slow things down a bit for a nice make-out session. Remember, you're making a sex tape -- it's all about love and tenderness.



Invite Some Friends

This doesn't have to be a two-person show. If you have some pals who might be interested in joining your venture, you might as well invite them over and see what they have to contribute.



Be Careful with Medications

If you need pharmaceutical aid to make your sex tape, be sure to only take the recommended dosage, otherwise you may end up with more help than you bargained for.

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