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Horror TV: 'Ghost' Downsizing; 'Tales from the Darkside' Returning


More than 20 years ago, Ghost startled everyone by becoming a surprise box office hit. Now it's finally coming to television. In the original movie, Patrick Swayze played a loving husband to young Demi Moore; after he is killed in a mugging, he sticks around the earthly realm so he can save her from evil banker Tony Goldwyn. The movie is probably best remembered for the scene in which a potter's wheel becomes an instrument of romantic foreplay for Swayze and Moore.

How can that once-in-a-lifetime magic be translated into a TV series? We have no idea, but Deadline reports that Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner, veteran writers and producers who worked together on TV's Fringe, have taken on the challenge for Paramount's television division. Will they focus on the supporting character of the spirit medium Oda Mae Brown, played by Whoopi Goldberg in the movie? Or will they follow the recently deceased, like Swayze's character, who must take care of "one last thing" before departing into the afterlife? The latter sounds a lot like the Jennifer Love Hewitt series Ghost Whisperer. We'll see what Goldsman and Pinkner can conjure up.

Meanwhile, two other TV veterans who worked on Fringe are cooking up a reboot of Tales from the Darkside. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who served as executive producers on Fringe, are attached to serve in the same capacity for the potential new series; they've also enjoyed success with this fall's breakout hit Sleepy Hollow. Joe Hill, known for his novels (Horns) and comic books (Locke & Key), is attached to the new series as a writer, according to Variety.

The original series, created by George A. Romero, ran for four seasons in syndication in the early 1980s and spun off a movie version in 1990. Inspired by Romero's Creepshow, it fit into the vogue for anthology TV shows of that era. Nowadays, with horror anthologies back in vogue at the cinema, could the concept again work on the small screen?

The CW is considering the idea as a 30-minute show for a summer 2014 slot. Joe Hill is a great talent, and we love the prospect of more horror in the summertime. The CW has been very friendly toward horror-leaning shows, such as Supernatural, so the combination bodes well for the series.

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