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Horror in Motion: 'SNL''s Wes Anderson Homage; 'Contracted' Gets Sick; Ti West Talks 'Prince of Darkness;' and More Trailers

Horror in Motion: 'SNL''s Wes Anderson Homage; 'Contracted' Gets Sick; Ti West Talks 'Prince of Darkness;' and More Trailers

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Industries

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Industries: The latest edition of Saturday Night Live poked fun at 12 Years a Slave, but they saved their big guns for a Wes Anderson parody that imagined what would happen if the indie auteur turned his attention to horror. Host Edward Norton (as Owen Wilson) and guest star Alec Baldwin (as the narrator) are among the highlights, as well as a silly shout-out to Fangoria. [NBC]

Contracted: In this gruesome thriller, a young woman (Najarra Townsend) lets her guard down during a party, engages in sex with a stranger, and then must pay a hideous price for her error in judgment when she contracts a body-wasting disease. Written and directed by Eric England, the movie is heading to select theaters on November 22, and will also be available to watch via various Video On Demand platforms. [IFC Films]

Prince of Darkness: Speaking of indie auteurs, filmmaker Ti West happily admits that he doesn't really understand John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness at all, yet still feels it may be his favorite Carpenter movie. Listen as he provides audio commentary for the original trailer. [Trailers From Hell]

Mindscape: He can enter people's minds, but when Mark Strong tries to help "a very special kid with problems" (Taissa Farmiga), he faces a greater challenge than he could ever have imagined. Directed by Jorge Dorado, the English-language suspense picture opens in Spain this week, but we're still waiting to hear about U.S. release plans. [Arrow in the Head]

Wer: Early last year, everyone went to see William Brent Bell's exorcism flick The Devil Inside, though the satisfaction level among horror fans was quite low. A new trailer for the director's next effort, Wer, again looks quite promising, but will he deliver another disappointing experience? The movie follows a lawyer for a man accused of murder, a man who has, what else?, the werewolf Inside! [Dread Central]

Peppes Pizza: While children of all ages in America will be going door to door on Halloween soliciting candy from strangers, customs are different around the world. For example, in Norway, pizza deliverymen offer another seasonal option to their customers, as this TV spot explicitly demonstrates. [Bloody Disgusting]




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