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Horror in Motion: 'Halloween Hugs,' 'M Is for Misdirection,' 'Fantasm,' 'Undying Love' and More

Halloween Hugs

Adam Green (Frozen) has a lovely, holiday-themed tradition: he makes a Halloween short every year. This year's edition features Green and his colleagues at ArieScope Pictures preparing for a Halloween party. A mysterious coffin is delivered, containing a big surprise. It's all fun and games until the blood begins to spurt. [ArieScope Pictures]

As with the original, horror anthology sequel The ABCs of Death Part 2 will feature 26 short films by 26 different directors from around the world. The 26th slot will be determined by a competition, open until October 31; voting by fans has already begun on entries, which now number into the dozens. Here's one of the entries, "M Is for Misdirection" by Antonio Padovan, a nifty little magical act with a nasty twist. [The ABCs of Death Part 2]

M Is for Misdirection from Antonio Padovan on Vimeo.

Conventions are great opportunities for horror geeks to meet favorite actors and filmmakers, and Kyle Kuchta's documentary Fantasm captures the relaxed atmosphere and crazy interactions. In the first clip from the movie, folks like Amanda Wyss, Tom Atkins and Joe Lynch explain why they enjoy visiting with their fans. [Fantasm - Facebook Page]

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you should remember two things. First, reliable car batteries are important. Second, never ditch your girlfriend. Check out this TV spot that effectively demonstrates both points. [Fearnet]

From Iceland comes the lyrical short film Undying Love, directed by Omar Hauksson, which follows a young man living in a world in which zombies roam the streets. He misses his old girlfriend, but shakes off that memory to go hunting for… something. (No car batteries required.) This is a strangely romantic short with a brutal bite and explicit gore, as well as a rocking score by Orris Dyrason (Sigur Ros).  [Twitch]

Undying Love from Omar Hauksson on Vimeo.





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