Horror in Motion: 'Frozen' As a Horror Movie, Plus the Best New Trailers



First up, an inventive individual named Bobby Burns had the bright idea to reimagine Disney's instant classic Frozen as a horror movie. [via Fearnet]


This week also saw the debut of new trailers for three upcoming, independently produced fright flicks.



Brad Dourif stars as a "rogue scientist… who conducts experiments on human test subjects to cure their 'addictions.'" In the trailer, he sounds a bit like Jigsaw from the Saw movies, in that his test subject is an alcoholic (Gary Cairns) who needs to atone for his sins. The movie will be available to watch via various Video On Demand platforms on May 22. [Dread Central]



A couple decide to make a sex tape in an abandoned mansion. Unlike the upcoming big-budget Hollywood comedy with a very similar title (Sex Tape), however, this is a found-footage horror movie in which very bad things happen to the couple. While the style makes the movie look quite familiar, we're trusting that director Bernard Rose (Candyman) has a few new tricks up his sleeve. It's due out in theaters and on VOD next week (Friday, May 16). [Well Go USA]


Don't Look in the Basement 2

Way back in 1973, S.F. Brownrigg made a seminal shocker about patients taking over a mental institution, resulting in the deaths of almost everyone there. Now the director's son, Anthony Brownrigg, has made a sequel in which a doctor moves to a small town in Texas only to discover that the medical facility previously housed the doomed sanitarium. The movie's due out this fall. For comparison's sake, we've also included the trailer for the original. Creepy! [YouTube]


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