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Horror Countdown: 6 Most Terrifying Devilish Children

Horror Countdown: 6 Most Terrifying Devilish Children

Here Comes the Devil

It's a parent's worst nightmare. A family of four spends a day in the countryside, but the two young children go missing. They return as mysteriously as they disappeared, yet they're not quite the same as they were before. What happened to them?

Here Comes the Devil, out today on home video, explores the terrifying territory where children fall under the influence of diabolical forces and turn against their parents. The thriller joins the company of other movies featuring very scary, devilish children. We count down our top six below. 


6. Orphan

Nine-year-old Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) is very mature for her age and happy to be adopted by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard. But her behavior becomes worrisome, and then frightening. Is she a devil child? Or just a very, very bad seed?


5. Children of the Corn

There's no doubt here. The children of a small rural community are under the control of a powerful spirit and carry out horrifying acts, spelling certain doom for any adults unlucky enough to pass nearby.


4. Twilight Zone: The Movie

The third segment, directed by Joe Dante, features a family terrified by their youngest member, an evil little boy who takes great delight in horrifying adults.


3. Case 39

Child psychiatrist Bradley Cooper shares his greatest fear with young patient Jodelle Ferland, an admission that will come back to haunt him. But before that happens, the young girl opens up in an unsettling manner.


2. The Omen

Everything is fine until Damien is five years of age. Then things begin happening, terrible things that bring Damien's true parentage into question.


1. The Exorcist

Young Regan (Linda Blair) has not been herself lately, prompting her mother (Ellen Burstyn) to call in a couple of experts to help out.

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