Horror Bites: First 'Jessabelle' Image; More 'Cabin Fever;' 'Quiet Ones' TV Spot


Jessabelle: Due in theaters on August 29, Jessabelle stars Sarah Snook, Mark Webber (13 Sins) and Joelle Carter in the story of a woman who returns home to Louisiana to recuperate after a tragic accident takes the life of her fiancé, only to find a "terrifying presence" awaiting her. The first image from the movie suggests that bath time will not be very relaxing for the poor woman. [Yahoo]


Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever: As we heard not too long ago, the Cabin Fever series is being revived with a third installment, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, due on June 26. Another sequel was also planned, to be set on a cruise ship, but now it appears that the series will get the reboot/remake treatment instead. Eli Roth's 2002 original followed five college students who rent a cabin in the woods, only to fall afoul of a flesh-eating virus, as well as some unfriendly locals. We're still waiting for for a horror movie that's bold enough to be set in a cabin in the city. [Bloody Disgusting]


Nurse 3D

Nurse 3D: Chock-full of graphic violence, sexual imagery and an irreverent sense of humor, Nurse 3D starred Paz de la Huerta as a serial killer who targeted unfaithful men. The movie opened in limited theatrical release a couple of months ago, but seemed especially well suited for the Video On Demand market. Is a sequel on the way? No official announcement has been made, but de la Huerta has indicated via Twitter that another installment is in the works. [Dread Central]


The Quiet Ones TV Spot: The latest TV spot for British horror flick The Quiet Ones is the most intense one yet, packing a ton of action into 30 seconds. Jared Harris stars as a college professor who leads his class in a series of experiments on Jane (Olivia Cooke, from TV's Bates Motel), who may need divine intervention to survive. The movie opens on April 25. [Lionsgate]


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