Here's What's Coming Next from the Monsters of 'Monsters University'

Pixar's latest hits DVD/Blu-ray and digital today, but will Monsters University follow in the footsteps of its Toy Story siblings and begin churning out more sequels or short films that we can devour like sweet Halloween candy? "Truth is, there's nothing in the works right now," producer Kori Rae told Fandango. "I don't know of any plans. It may come up, but there's absolutely no plans. We haven't discussed it with anybody at Pixar, and nobody's asked us about it. So... no plans."

It's certainly a bummer to learn that for at least the time being we won't be seeing the further adventures of Mike and Sully play out on either the big or small screens, though there is a bit of a light at the end of this dark frat-house tunnel for those hard-core MU fans out there. "There is a short that hasn't come out yet," director Dan Scanlon told us. "It's called Party Central, and we just don't know exactly when the release is yet. It's a phenomenal short that was directed by Kelsey Mann, who was the head of story on Monsters, and it takes place soon after Monsters University, but it features Mike, Sully, Oozma Kappa and it's super fun. It'll be nice to see the movie continue on that way."

As far as other Monsters-related stories they'd like to tell, both Rae and Scanlon were undecided. "There are a bunch of new characters in this one and it'd be fun to explore some of them more," Rae teased. So we'll see."

For more on our chat with Monsters University director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae, check out these stories on our sister site, And don't forget to pick up the movie on DVD/Blu-ray today!

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