Here Comes 'Clash of the Titans 2'

Though audiences seemed lukewarm when it came to the recent Clash of the Titans remake, a whopping $486 million (of which $325 million came from the international audience) at the box office means we're gonna get a sequel whether you like it or not. Plus, something tells me Warner Bros. will do it right this time, and film this sucker in 3D right from the get-go instead of sloppily converting the flick with only a couple months till release.

'Clash of the Titans'

What we know at this time is that Warner Bros. is currently meeting with a number of directors to see who will replace Louis Leterrier behind the camera after the filmmaker decided not to return for the sequel. As of now, Jonathan Liebesman seems like the frontrunner, which is a little odd since the guy comes from a horror background (he directed Darkness Falls and the 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel). According to the LA Times, though, he now wants to be an action director, and he already has a big alien invasion movie, titled Battle: Los Angeles, due next summer.
Sam Worthington is set to return, though the studio wants to get a move on and start filming in early 2011 because Worthington is also committed to shoot Avatar 2, which the LA Times says could begin filming as early as late 2011.
Are you looking forward to a Clash of the Titans sequel, or would you rather they just skip right to filming Avatar 2, like, tomorrow?
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