Heard the New Bond Song?

In my humble opinion, there hasn't been a decent Bond theme song since Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" in 1985, and back then who didn't like everything they did anyway? Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" on Casino Royale made my skin crawl, and one has only to look back at Madonna's dreadful "Die Another Day" to know how easy it is to butcher an already terrible song.


Well, Bond fans...get ready for Alicia Keys and Jack White's duet "Another Way to Die"on the upcoming Quantum of Solace, which debuted yesterday on BBC radio. I loved Casino Royale like everyone else and can't wait for the sequel too. But good god -- first they slap a crappy title on it, then saddle it with this unholy marriage of screeching retro metal with soft R&B in a dischordant, virtually unlistenable theme song that wouldn't pass muster on "The Gong Show."

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