Hasbro Wants to Create the Next ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Night at the Museum’

With a massive collection of toys lined up and ready for their big-screen break, Hasbro has been taking a look at movies like Toy Story and Night at the Museum, and, according to Pajiba, they’re interested in staging their own ensemble film that will fall somewhere in between those two popular franchises.

Mr. Potato Head

The film, currently titled Hasbro Factory, is being sold as Night at the Museum inside a Hasbro Factory – meaning that it would be another one of those “toys come to life-type” films, only with just Hasbro toys. It’s a move that makes complete sense, especially since we could see business begin to boom for a lot of Hasbro’s older (and long forgotten) toys once the movie comes out.
Hasbro has already launched multiple projects with their toy lines, including Transformers, G.I. Joe, Stretch Armstrong, Candy Land and Battleship, while an assortment of other toys – like the Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, Army Ants, Tinker Toys, Zoids and others – still await their own big breaks. Mr. Potato Head has already found himself a place in the Toy Story movies, including Toy Story 3, though there’s a good chance you’d see him back for this one, too. No word on whether they’ll mix in live action, though the Night at the Museum comparisons would lead one to believe they will. Could you imagine how freaky a live-action Cabbage Patch Kid would be? Uck, I’m getting chills just thinking about it.
Do you like the idea for Hasbro Factory? Which Hasbro toys would you like to see make a big-screen comeback?
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