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Hasbro in Talks with Michael Bay for 'Transformers 4,' J.J. Abrams to Produce 'Micronauts' Movie

On the strength of third quarter profits from their line of Transformers toys, not to mention the $1.1 billion the third movie raked in worldwide, Hasbro is in talks with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay for Transformers 4.

Bay had said following the release of the third Transformers movie that he was done with the franchise, though somewhere deep down inside, I think we all knew he would return if the price was right (at least as a producer, if not director). To date, the three Transformers movies helmed by Bay have rung up $2.6 billion worldwide, with each film eclipsing the prior’s box office total.
Hasbro has had a handful of board game movie adaptations dropped recently including Ouija, Candyland and Risk. While the company is still actively pursuing a Monopoly movie and a second Clue film, CEO Brian Goldner also revealed that company is in talks with J.J. Abrams to produce a Micronauts movie.
Hasbro acquired the rights to the interchangeable Japanese toys recently with the hopes of bringing an adaptation to the big screen. Abrams is said to be producing the film, which centers on the 4-inch-tall action figures/robots/vehicles. Simply put, think of them as miniature Transformers who can morph together, similar to other Japanese robots like the Power Rangers MegaZord.
The Micronauts movie would reportedly begin with an origin tale similar to the comic book storyline in which the original team comes together in response to a threat posed by former academic and now murderous traitor, Baron Karza.
While both of these movies are still in early pre-planning phases, are you excited for either of them?
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