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Hall H: Marvel Announces 'Guardians' as Second 2014 Movie, Releases Concept Art; 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Wows

The movie marketing machine behind Marvel took the stage following Warner Bros.’ crowd-pleasing panel. The comic book giant was on hand to promote Iron Man 3, though the film had only begun shooting. More importantly, it was the updates to the studio’s Avengers Phase 2 plans that people packed into Hall H to hear.

But before any of that began, we got a retrospective look beginning from 2006, when Iron Man was first announced and chronologically through the years, leading up to a thank you from the studio to the fans for making The Avengers the most successful superhero movie of all time.

It was then noted that Edgar Wright had appeared in the footage from 2006 and without much hesitation, Marvel president Kevin Feige introduced Edgar Wright. The crowd buzzed with anticipation that perhaps Ant-Man might be the mysterious TBD movie of 2014.

Instead, Wright presented the test footage he shot for Ant-Man in which the superhero has to slip past two guys guarding an elevator. He of course does so in true Ant-Man style, shrinking and enlarging his body and completely confusing and overpowering the guards.

Feige then launched into Phase 2, announcing that Iron Man 3 was half-way thru its shoot. He then debuted the new promo banner for Captain America 2 and Thor 2, which you can see below. And then that mysterious second 2014 movie.

Rumors that Guardians of the Galaxy had hit the web a few weeks in advance of Comic-Con, though many waited to hear the words out of Feige’s mouth for confirmation. They got that, including new concept art of the character which will be highlighted in the film.

Marvel being Marvel, they couldn’t leave Comic-Con without a surprise and that came in the form of Robert Downey Jr. making a Tony Stark-esque entrance from the back of Hall H, dancing through the crowd to Luther Vandross, wearing an Iron Man glove. When he got to the stage, the crowd went wild.

A compilation of footage was then shown. We open with Stark putting on his Iron Man armor thru force of will, then jump to Tony chatting with Happy Hogan and then things get serious. Ben Kingsley delivers a menacing voice over, “Some people consider me a terrorist. I consider myself more of a teacher. Lesson 1: There’s no such things as heroes.” Cue missles shot from helicopters completely destroying Tony’s Malibu mansion and the title comes up.

At the very end, we see a hand putting on the last of ten rings, one on each finger. The figure removes his hood and draw out his gun. The screen fades out then fades back in on Kingsley sitting on a throne with his voice over closing out the trailer saying, “If you beg for mercy, you will be silenced.”

Don Cheadle, director Shane Black and Jon Favreau were then introduced and the quartet bowed before taking their seats.

Feige mentions that the third film will return to a Stark-centric story saying, “This is very much a Tony Stark world.”

WB was a tough act to follow, but there’s no denying Marvel’s showmanship. They got the business out of the way in the beginning and then let Downey carry us out of a long day inside Hall H. Whether Iron Man 3 will be any good remains to be seen. The film opens in theaters May 3, 2013.

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