Guys, Kellan Lutz Has Some 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Advice for You

Kellan Lutz, who has played the easygoing Twilight character Emmett Cullen for four years, knows he couldn't have made the journey without the fans. When we sat down recently to talk with the 27-year-old actor, he expressed his gratitude for the fans' passion—but also offered up a few sage words of advice for guys bracing for multiple Breaking Dawn Part 2 viewings with their Twihard girlfriends.

Kellan Lutz in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Fandango: One of Emmett's most memorable moments in Breaking Dawn is his arm wrestling match with Bella. What was it like to film that?

Kellan Lutz: Everything went perfectly. That was my scene. Ever since I read Breaking Dawn, I couldn't wait to get there. I'm so thankful that the fans allowed us to finish this franchise…. It was a lot of fun, too, because I was watching Kristen [Stewart], who's an amazing actress, transform mentally into a vampire. It was tough letting her win, but I was happy that it made it in the movie.

Fandango: You played Emmett for four years. What part of him will stay with you?

Lutz: What really drew me to Emmett was all the likeness between him and myself. His view is, live life to the fullest. He's an extremely positive character. That mimics my outlook … Also, his protecting side. I'm the middle child of a bunch of guys and I have a sister so I know [how it is to be] a part of a large family and stepping up to the plate to fight for what's right.  

Fandango: What do your brothers think about Emmett and the Twilight saga?

Lutz: I don't think my brothers have seen the movies [laughs]. I think they've seen a couple of them, maybe with their girlfriends. I remember one time, they said they were going to go see my movie and then, I don't know– one had to go to work. They love my character, but my brothers are little punks sometimes!

Fandango: What would you say to guys to convince them to go along with their girlfriends to see Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Lutz: I would suggest seeing all the movies beforehand. Rent all the movies and have a movie night. You'll score a lot of points with your girlfriend, like tons of points, especially if you become her Edward through it all and then just do whatever she says. Then take her to a midnight screening, and you will be good for Valentine's Day and for 10 years from now. It's a good action movie. There's not as much romance, and it just drives!

Fandango: What did you think about the added action at the end?

Lutz: I love the embellishment! It's always great when a movie surpasses your expectations from a piece of literature…. When they just embellish a little bit and make it different in a cinematic way, you sometimes need that to keep you really invested, and that's what Bill [Condon] was able to capture.

Fandango: How does it feel to be part of Twilight history and know fans camped out for days to see you at the premiere?

Lutz: I can't tell you how speechless I get every time I step out of that car. I'm on the carpet, you see all the fans, and I wish I could fly to every single country, meet every single fan and just say thank you…. I always feel there's not enough time to express that when we're there on the carpet and fan signings. We love giving back to them. They've just made it so memorable.

Kellan Lutz at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere

Fandango: How was it going from Twilight to Tarzan, which uses motion capture technology? Did you still have to worry about your physique?

Lutz: They asked me to lose weight, actually. I was too big and I had to fit into the Power Ranger-esque costume that they put the tape balls on…. [Learning] how to move like Tarzan was the hardest thing. I grew up playing sports and I'm pretty stocky. Tarzan is more fluid like a ballerina, and he's graceful swinging through trees and vines, and then quadropeding – running around on all fours. I have never been so sore.

Fandango: Tell me about your animated character in Guardians of Luna, and how closely you'll get to work with Booboo Stewart in that.

Lutz: He's a werewolf! We haven't even started, so Booboo and I joke around all the time. I love the script. I'm looking forward to doing it. I just don't understand what the holdup is because it's been on my resume for a good couple years! Nothing's happened with it.

Fandango: Is there anyone else from the Twilight cast you'd love to work with again in a different genre?

Lutz: Everyone, especially Michael Sheen because I didn't have too many scenes with him. It's always kind of a tease. When I worked on Immortals, everyone was asking me how it was to work with Mickey Rourke but I had no scenes with him. That's why it was great working with him in Java Heat. Working on Twilight, I never really felt like I had proper scenes with Dakota [Fanning] or Michael or any of those Volturi. I'd love to do a movie with them.

Fandango: Of all your projects coming up, which are you most excited about?

Lutz: I'm most excited for Tarzan. That was one of those one in a million shots. I don't have long brown hair – I just never would've thought I could've been Tarzan. When you really want something, and the stars align and you work for it, good things happen. I was just like, "what a blessing."

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