'Gravity' Sees 3D’s Biggest Share of Sales in Fandango History

By now, you probably know that there's a highly anticipated movie opening in theaters this weekend starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney called Gravity. If not, take a look at our archive of Gravity posts.

Chances are though that if you bought a ticket here on Fandango, you probably spent the extra dollars to watch the movie in 3D and in some cases IMAX 3D.

Of all the tickets sold on Fandango for Gravity, 91% of them are for 3D showtimes. To give you some perspective, that's a higher 3D share of ticket sales than we saw for Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time.  (For Avatar’s opening weekend on Fandango, 90% of its presales were for 3D showtimes.)

Fandango’s Chief Correspondent Dave Karger put it this way:  "Gravity in 3D is exerting a strong pull on adventurous moviegoers, with 3D showtimes seeing their largest share of sales for a wide release in Fandango history."

Undoubtedly fans are excited to see the much-hyped special effects in the film. If you were one of the 91% of Fandango’s Gravity moviegoers who bought their tickets for the 3D showtimes, we want to know why. Vote in the poll below. (Select as many answers as appliacble.)


If you haven't bought your tickets for Gravity yet, you better hurry. The film opens this evening in theaters nationwide and many of the 3D showtimes (especially for IMAX 3D) are expected to sell out.


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