Girl with Cancer Asks Joseph Gordon-Levitt Out on Date

Yeah, yeah, there's been an influx of ordinary people taking to YouTube to ask a random celebrity out on a date or to accompany them to some Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, but we're diggin' this one not only because this girl looks nice, sweet, and down-to-earth, but also because she seems like a real genuine person who isn't doing this so much for the silly YouTube attention, but to help her overcome her own insecurities when it comes to dating with cancer. Plus, hey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a damn cool dude who we know will go out of his way to make time to have a cup of coffee with this gal, which is all she's asking for.

Though Gordon-Levitt doesn't have cancer, he recently starred in the film 50/50 as a guy in his mid-20s who gets diagnosed with a rare case of cancer, forcing him to navigate the extreme ups and downs of the illness. As a girl in her mid-20s who also has cancer and is still trying to live an ordinary life, Gordon-Levitt's film and performance proved to be a bit of an inspiration for her to get back out on the dating scene. So there you have it, internet. Watch her plea below, and then go tell Gordon-Levitt on Twitter (@hitRECordJoe) that he should take a nice girl up on her offer.

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