Get Ready to Pay More for 3D Movies

I bet you're already not crazy about the fact that you have to pay slightly more money to see a movie in 3D versus 2D. Perhaps you just chalk it up to being worth the extra couple bucks since you receive glasses that supposedly enhance the moviegoing experience, but at what point will you stop and say, "Enough is enough – that's just a little too much for a movie ticket!"?

'How to Train Your Dragon'

According to Variety, beginning this week with the release of How to Train Your Dragon, moviegoers around the country could see 3D ticket prices go up by as much as 26% at some theaters. Depending on where you live (larger markets like New York and Los Angeles will see bigger increases), your movie ticket could go up by almost five bucks! They lay it out like this: the average 3D ticket will go from $13.60 to $14.73, and for an IMAX screening it will go from $15.13 to $16.63.
Some theaters are hiking up the prices for everyone, whereas others are restricting it to adult tickets only. Gone are the days where it was relatively inexpensive to take the whole family to the movies; if you have a family of four, you're looking at roughly $60 before movie snacks and whatnot. That's insane!
Of course, whether or not the theaters continue to raise prices is really up to you. If moviegoers decide to stay away from 3D movies because they're too expensive, theaters will be forced to lower their prices. But if you continue to buy your tickets without even questioning how much they're charging you, then you really shouldn't complain when you're flat broke at the end of the weekend.
So what do you think? Do you think the 3D movies are worth the higher ticket prices? Or will you stay away from 3D until the price is lowered to something more like $10-12? Sound off below…
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