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Gavin Hood Talks Making ‘Ender’s Game’ a Standout YA Film

While the widespread success of young adult book-to-film adaptations like The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games does facilitate some serious potential for a big-screen version of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, it also comes with the added pressure of ensuring that the Ender’s Game movie stands out.

Just ahead of the Ender’s Game San Diego Comic-Con panel in Hall H, writer-director Gavin Hood sat down to discuss making his mark in the YA-to-film realm and the challenge of doing the beloved book justice, but also noted one specific directorial decision that he hopes will help put the audience in Ender’s head:

“This is a movie that is about what goes on inside the mind a lot of the time of a young protagonist. In the book, it’s beautifully described, what he’s thinking. In the movie, unless you have this hokey voiceover... you have to intuitively feel what that character is thinking.

"There are a few moments in the movie where [Ender] actually looks directly into the camera, breaks the fourth wall… You go, ‘Wait a minute. He’s just about looking at me. I can feel what he’s thinking.’ ”

Watch Hood elaborate and explain why he had to remove a significant amount of the Valentine and Peter Wiggin portion of the novel, and more in the video interview below.


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