Funny or Lame: Taylor Swift's SNL 'Twilight' Spoof

If you managed to catch Saturday Night Live over the weekend, then you probably watched this week's host, Taylor Swift, poke a little fun at Twilight in a parody trailer for a film called Firelight. Here, instead of a girl falling deeply in love with a vampire, Swift plays a girl who, aside from biting her lip, like, a lot, falls for Frankenstein. Oh yes, when "The Franks" invade a small town high school, things take a drastic turn for the weird as our heroine does all she can to keep her relationship with Frankenstein going without being accidentally strangled by her one true love.

I thought the spoof was cute, and Swift definitely deserves kudos for turning out a pretty hilarious performance – not just in this video, but throughout the entire episode. But what do you Twi-hards think of the video? Was Swift funny enough to star in her own spin-off spoof movie called Firelight, or was this video simply too lame to deserve any kind of attention?

Watch the video below and sound off in the comments…

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